Pala short story

In 2009 I had Bell’s palsy. It was not nice. In order to maybe try to get something good out of it, I decided to write a short story inspired by the experience.

Photo-reportage on Kashmir

Em Caxemira Não Perguntem Por mim (In Kashmir Don’t Ask For Me) is a photo-reportage I wrote describing how I was scammed in Kashmir while travelling in India in 2004.


A última peregrinação a Kailash (The last pilgrimage to Kailash) is a photo-reportage I wrote describing my (somewhat illegal) attempt to visit the famous Kailash sacred mountain during my trip to Tibet.

Mecânica da vida

Mecânica da Vida (Life Mechanics) is an essay I wrote in Portuguese dedicated to a friend of mine. It is my attempt to organize in a single text and share with him a bunch of ideas that were scattered in my mind.

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