Hyphae II

Hyphae evolved. Now there is actual food spread irregularly all over its planar universe. This Hyphae will thrive where food is more abundant and decline where it is more scarce.


Hyphae are the cell filaments that create the mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. They grow and subdivide in all directions in search of nutrients needed for its development.


Multi-site-specific sound piece about displacement which attempts to combine the sounds of Lisboa with the sights and sounds of another place.


Just like a real candle, but flat.

Details of Trip to Nepal

A collection of pictures which are details of photographs taken during a trip to Nepal. The details are 9×9 pixels of the original photograph titled after the contents of the original photograph.

Acting Naturally

After building a very detailed and realistic scenery, I hired 27 actors who painstakingly rehearsed and staged this complex narrative telling the story of a group of people that go to a place to look.

Pala short story

In 2009 I had Bell’s palsy. It was not nice. In order to maybe try to get something good out of it, I decided to write a short story inspired by the experience.

Também isso passará

This sculpture is a film.


I was invited by Salão de Beleza Bela to make a contribution to their Banality Show in Bela TV. The challenge: to make a video telling a story as uneventful as possible.


Putting things out of context was always fundamental to pornography.


At first sight you see only white noise. But under the right circumstances, more is revealed.


Clocks are expected to tell the time. This clock also tells the time, but one that is impossible in our world.


The maestro is forced to move in a way he never intended to and in this way creates music he never wished for.

Lisboa, 1962

In 1962 the construction works for the new bridge across river Tejo connecting Lisboa and Almada started. Since then the city’s landscape changed forever. Inspired by a famous tile mosaic of Lisboa’s landscape, this work recreates a photographic view of the city which lets us see it without the bridge again.

Agartha Existe

Agartha Existe (Agartha Exists) is the result of a workshop given by Hugo Brito which challenged us to create something not based on an predetermined idea or desire but by making it evolve out of an investigation process.


Poupe-nos is a small 30" clip made just for fun to participate in a SIC television network contest about environment awareness.

Photo-reportage on Kashmir

Em Caxemira Não Perguntem Por mim (In Kashmir Don’t Ask For Me) is a photo-reportage I wrote describing how I was scammed in Kashmir while travelling in India in 2004.


Self-portrait is an installation which consists of a large flat screen placed in a horizontal position and framed inside a box in a way that the screen becomes square. Placed in this way, I look up to the viewers who, in their turn, look down on me.


A última peregrinação a Kailash (The last pilgrimage to Kailash) is a photo-reportage I wrote describing my (somewhat illegal) attempt to visit the famous Kailash sacred mountain during my trip to Tibet.


In Portuguese the word “foca” is the imperative tense of the verb to focus. It also refers to the animal seal. This video explores that coincidence.


I was asked to make a trailer on myself. I made this video in which, using a video projector, I projected the french trailer of Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly directly on myself.


Flesh melting over melted flesh. Flesh doing what flesh does.

Mecânica da vida

Mecânica da Vida (Life Mechanics) is an essay I wrote in Portuguese dedicated to a friend of mine. It is my attempt to organize in a single text and share with him a bunch of ideas that were scattered in my mind.


The audio piece «Emoções» (Emotions) is the result of a Workshop with Hugo Brito in ArCo. I started by filming footage of 4 drawings and then it evolved from there.

Still Life

A homage to classical still life painting tradition.


I made a transcription for music box of the famous portuguese pop song “Telepatia” by singer/composer Lara Li.


Pin-up girls always look at us. And they all look the same.

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