Details of Trip to Nepal

.Photographs (50x50cm), color


A collection of pictures which are details of photographs taken during a trip to Nepal. The details are 9×9 pixels of the original photograph titled after the contents of the original photograph.

The explicitly figurative titles trigger the imagination of the viewer into trying to imagine the original photograph. But while these few pixels provide enough information for the viewer to believe the pixels are indeed an image and not abstract colors, they are not enough to clearly identify what is described.

Detail of traditional necklace: Detail of traditional necklace

Detail of child’s tshirt: Detail of child’s tshirt

Aberturas de Ateliês de Artistas in 2016 @ Atelier Concorde:

Aberturas Ateliês de Artistas 2016 - Atelier Concorde

(Work in progress)

Public presentations

  • Abertura de Ateliês de Artistas 2016 at Atelier Concorde, Lisboa

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