Lisboa, 1962

.5 digital prints on glossy photographic paper, (40 x 30 cm each)


In 1962 the construction works for the new bridge across river Tejo connecting Lisboa and Almada started. Since then the city’s landscape changed forever. Inspired by a famous tile mosaic of Lisboa’s landscape, this work recreates a photographic view of the city which lets us see it without the bridge again.

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This panoramic view of Lisboa without its bridge was not achieved by digitally removing it. Instead, photos were taken to the left and to the right of the bridge and then stiched together. The bridge was not photographed.

Please note that the above picture is just a preview. The real work is a panorama built out of five A3 prints in glossy photographic paper side by side partially overlapped.

The tile mosaic found in Museu Nacional do Azulejo which inspired this project: Painel de azulejos

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