Collective exhibition Nevertheless 

Collective exhibition Nevertheless

@ Atelier Concorde

Nevertheless was a collective exhibition curated by Andrés Jurado in Atelier Concorde in May 2019.

Here’s the exhibition poster:

I presented Relógio, as it fitted nicely with the proposed context of the exhibition:

Proposes the artists to engage in the creation and production of objects imagining its cinematic or either theatrical performativeness. This can be interpreted as “too general”, nevertheless, after assuming all the alterations advised in the contemporary arts by The Performative Turn, the less is to consider this performativeness of the art object in two circumstances:
1) The cinematic
2) The theatrical
The proposed scenario for this endeavour is the market.  How the artists lens sees an object in the film market? How an artist without lenses sees an object meant to act in the theater of market? 
This can be hypothetically resolved if we imagine our object of art as part of a theater play or part of a screenplay. So the question is: how do you imagine your piece of art performing in that market plot? 

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