Self-portrait is an installation which consists of a large flat screen placed in a horizontal position and framed inside a box in a way that the screen becomes square. Placed in this way, I look up to the viewers who, in their turn, look down on me.


A última peregrinação a Kailash (The last pilgrimage to Kailash) is a photo-reportage I wrote describing my (somewhat illegal) attempt to visit the famous Kailash sacred mountain during my trip to Tibet.


In Portuguese the word “foca” is the imperative tense of the verb to focus. It also refers to the animal seal. This video explores that coincidence.


I was asked to make a trailer on myself. I made this video in which, using a video projector, I projected the french trailer of Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly directly on myself.


Pin-up girls always look at us. And they all look the same.

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