Acting Naturally

After building a very detailed and realistic scenery, I hired 27 actors who painstakingly rehearsed and staged this complex narrative telling the story of a group of people that go to a place to look.

Ouvertures d'Ateliers d'Artistes, Marseille

Every year in Marseille, Association Chatêau de Servières organizes an event in which dozens of artists open their studios to the public.

Pala short story

In 2009 I had Bell’s palsy. It was not nice. In order to maybe try to get something good out of it, I decided to write a short story inspired by the experience. If you speak Portuguese you can read it here. Thank you Vasco Mora for the post photo.

Abertura de Ateliês de Artistas

Since 2010, Associação Castelo d’If has been organizing an yearly event in which dozens of artist’s studios in Lisboa open their doors to the public.

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