.Generative video (16:4 4K screen), black&white, no sound, variable duration

.40x40cm b&w prints, fine art paper, aluminium frame

.Sets of 10x15cm postcards, fine art paper, limited edition of 6


Hyphae are the cell filaments that create the mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. They grow and subdivide in all directions in search of nutrients needed for its development.

Generative video

The first phase of Hyphae is a generative video in which a computer algorithm draws infinite iterations of unique organisms inspired by Rhizopus stolonifer, a kind of bread mold, simulating its evolutive and reproductive process.

The following sample does not represent the actual work. It is a highly compressed low resolution preview shown only for illustrative purposes. The actual work produces a high resolution (4K) video with a very smooth evolution:

This project was developed in C++ using openFrameworks and its source code is available in Github.


After making a selection of a set of generated Hyphae I made 40x40cm prints in fine art paper.

Hyphae prints @ SchoK 2019


The same selection of Hyphae was also used to create a limited edition of 6 sets of 10 fine art paper postcards.

Public presentations

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