Collective exhibition Wie wir in den Wald hineinrufen

@Atelierhaus Aachen, Aachen, Germany


This collective exhibition curated by Ana Sous put together a group of works concerning man’s relation to nature.

The German title of the exhibition can be translated to The way we shout into the forest. It is the first part of a German saying which means: every action generates an effect.

It took place in Atelierhaus Aachen, a cultural institution with 22 art studios housing 30 artists.

The exhibition poster: Exhibition poster 1 Exhibition poster 2

I presented a series of prints of my recent work related to synthesized fungi, Hyphae.

Even though the exhibition was supposed to open in March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything was prepared but it was not open to the public. But it could still be visited virtually here. For the same reason, my work took too long to arrive and it was still not there when the virtual tour was created. The exhibition could finally open to the public in May and by then my work had arrived and was already properly installed:

Thank you Ana Sous and Marie Lachnit for the photos.

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