Hyphae II

.Generative video (16:4 4K screen), black&white, no sound, variable duration


Hyphae evolved. Now there is actual food spread irregularly all over its planar universe. This Hyphae will thrive where food is more abundant and decline where it is more scarce.

In the first version of Hyphae each hypha would follow a path based on its predetermined parameters, oblivious of its surroundings. In this new version, there is actual (though invisible) food which each hypha harvasts to get energy to keep going. Without food, an hypha will starve and eventually die.

The main consequence of this added dimension is that, much like in real life, the Hyphae will become stronger in some areas of its universe and more feable in others. The resulting shapes are much more complex than the original version since they are now the product of both the Hyphae predetermined parameters and the map of food it feeds on.

This project was (also) developed in C++ using openFrameworks and its source code is available in Github.

Public presentations

  • Generative video @ Seedland exhibition at Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência

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