Up@MILL presents Hyphae

@Mill, Lisboa


A one-night indivitual exhibition of the Hyphae prints at MILL.

I have collaborated with MILL (Makers In Little Lisbon) in the past (they help me build both the Candle frame and the Elsewhere boxes) and admire their project so I was happy to accept.

Since MILL works with many media artists, a lot of the people that attended were particularly interested in the interception between art and technology. Like me.

The original Hyphae generative video which was the source of the Hyphae prints presented here was shown, although in an informal way, just for documentation purposes.

Here is Mill’s event page.

Some photos of the installed work:

Thank you MaurĂ­cio Martins for the last 4 photos in the gallery above.

The invitation: Invitation

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