Collective exhibition Panorama

In May 2017 I participated in the first collective exhibition of Hotel Le Consulat in Lisboa. It was curated by Adelaide Ginga.

Schok Festival 2017

In June 2017 I participated in SchoK 2017 in Schoorl, Netherlands. I presented Elsewhere, a binaural audio piece.


Multi-site-specific sound piece about displacement which attempts to combine the sounds of Lisboa with the sights and sounds of another place.

Collective exhibition Paisagem

Associação Castelo d’If organised this collective exhibition to celebrate 7 years of existence of the Aberturas de Ateliers de Artistas. As someone who has always participated in this event, I was invited to exhibit some of my work.


Just like a real candle, but flat.

Abertura de Ateliês de Artistas

Since 2010, Associação Castelo d’If has been organizing an yearly event in which dozens of artist’s studios in Lisboa open their doors to the public.

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