Up@MILL presents Hyphae

A one-night indivitual exhibition of the Hyphae prints at MILL.

Schok Festival 2019

As a natural evolution of the Hyphae generative video, I presented prints of some of the generated organisms.

Collective exhibition Nevertheless

Nevertheless was a collective exhibition curated by André Jurado in May 2019.


Hyphae are the cell filaments that create the mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. They grow and subdivide in all directions in search of nutrients needed for its development.

Matriz exhibition

Isabel Garcia invited me to participate in her exhibition Matriz which was held in Galeria Serpente in March 2019.

Abertura de Ateliês de Artistas

Since 2010, Associação Castelo d’If has been organizing an yearly event in which dozens of artist’s studios in Lisboa open their doors to the public.

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